Schema Enumerations

Since the early days of VERIS, creating and maintaining its many enumerated lists remains one of our primary challenges. An enumeration-less schema would would solve a lot of development woes, but we believe the enumerations are a fundamental part of the “common language” component of VERIS. In early 2012, we made the decision to split enumerations into their own schema - still part of VERIS, but separate from the core schema. This was done to minimize the amount of changes affecting the core schema (the enum lists tend to change more often and more substantially than the core elements).

If you are using VERIS, you should treat the enumerations in JSON as well as the labels in JSON as the primary source for all lists and labels. We have included them here as a central point of reference in human readable format.

This page will list the enumeration and label. Each of the enumerations are set up as links and if there is more detail on the enumeration, it will be on the subsequent detailed page.

Incident Description Enumerations


Confirmed: Yes - Confirmed

Suspected: Suspected

False positive: False positive (response triggered, but no incident)

Near miss: Near miss (actions did not compromise asset)


High: High confidence

Medium: Medium confidence

Low: Low confidence

None: No confidence


Ext - actor disclosure: disclosed by threat agent (e.g., public brag, private blackmail)

Ext - fraud detection: External - fraud detection (e.g., CPP)

Ext - monitoring service: External - managed security event monitoring service

Ext - customer: External - reported by customer or partner affected by the incident

Ext - unrelated party: External - reported by unrelated external party (not customer, partner, law enforcement)

Ext - audit: External - security audit or scan

Ext - unknown: External - unknown

Int - antivirus: Internal - antivirus alert

Int - incident response: Internal - discovered while responding to another (separate) incident

Int - financial audit: Internal - financial audit and reconciliation process

Int - fraud detection: Internal - fraud detection mechanism

Int - HIDS: Internal - host IDS or file integrity monitoring

Int - IT audit: Internal - IT audit or scan

Int - log review: Internal - log review process or SIEM

Int - NIDS: Internal - network IDS or IPS alert

Ext - law enforcement: Internal - notified by law enforcement or government agency

Int - security alarm: Internal - physical security system alarm

Int - reported by user: Internal - witnessed suspicious actions by threat agent

Int - unknown: Internal - unknown

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Opportunistic: Victim attacked because they exhibited a weakness the actor knew how to exploit

Targeted: Victim chosen as target then actor determined what weaknesses could be

Unknown: Unknown

NA: Not applicable


Simple and cheap: Simple and cheap

Difficult and expensive: Difficult and expensive

Something in-between: Something in-between

Unknown: Unknown

Victim Enumerations


1 to 10: 1 to 10 employees

11 to 100: 11 to 100 employees

101 to 1000: 101 to 1,000 employees

1001 to 10000: 1,001 to 10,000 employees

10001 to 25000: 10,001 to 25,000 employees

25001 to 50000: 25,001 to 50,000 employees

50001 to 100000: 50,001 to 100,000 employees

Over 100000: Over 100,0001 employees

Small: Small organizations (1,000 employees or less)

Large: Large organizations (over 1,000 employees)

Unknown: Unknown number of employees

Actor Enumerations


NA: Not Applicable (unintentional action)

Espionage: Espionage or competitive advantage

Fear: Fear or duress

Financial: Financial or personal gain

Fun: Fun, curiosity, or pride

Grudge: Grudge or personal offense

Ideology: Ideology or protest

Convenience: Convenience of expediency

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other

Note: actor.x.motive may be used in three areas: actor.external.motive, actor.internal.motive and actor.partner.motive


Activist: Activist group

Auditor: Auditor

Competitor: Competitor

Customer: Customer (B2C)

Force majeure: Force majeure (nature and chance)

Former employee: Former employee (no longer had access)

Nation-state: Nation-state

Organized crime: Organized or professional criminal group

Acquaintance: Relative or acquaintance of employee

State-affiliated: State-sponsored or affiliated group

Terrorist: Terrorist group

Unaffiliated: Unaffiliated person(s)

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Auditor: Auditor

Call center: Call center staff

Cashier: Cashier, teller, or waiter

End-user: End-user or regular employee

Executive: Executive or upper management

Finance: Finance or accounting staff

Helpdesk: Helpdesk staff

Human resources: Human resources staff

Maintenance: Maintenance or janitorial staff

Manager: Manager or supervisor

Guard: Security guard

Developer: Software developer

System admin: System or network administrator

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other

Action Enumerations


Adware: Adware

Backdoor: Backdoor (enable remote access)

Brute force: Brute force attack

Capture app data: Capture data from application or system process

Capture stored data: Capture data stored on system disk

Client-side attack: Client-side or browser attack (e.g., redirection, XSS, MitB)

Click fraud: Click fraud or Bitcoin mining

C2: Command and control (C2)

Destroy data: Destroy or corrupt stored data

Disable controls: Disable or interfere with security controls

DoS: Denial of Service attack

Downloader: Downloader (pull updates or other malware)

Exploit vuln: Exploit vulnerability in code (vs misconfig or weakness)

Export data: Export data to another site or system

Packet sniffer: Packet sniffer (capture data from network)

Password dumper: Password dumper (extract credential hashes)

Ram scraper: Ram scraper or memory parser (capture data from volatile memory)

Ransomware: Ransomware (encrypt or seize stored data)

Rootkit: Rootkit (maintain local privileges and stealth)

Scan network: Scan or footprint network

Spam: Send spam

Spyware/Keylogger: Spyware, keylogger or form-grabber (capture user input or activity)

SQL injection: SQL injection attack

Adminware: System or network utilities (e.g., PsTools, Netcat)

Worm: Worm (propagate to other systems or devices)

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Direct install: Directly installed or inserted by threat agent (after system access)

Download by malware: Downloaded and installed by local malware

Email autoexecute: Email via automatic execution

Email link: Email via embedded link

Email attachment : Email via user-executed attachment

Instant messaging: Instant Messaging

Network propagation: Network propagation

Remote injection: Remotely injected by agent (i.e. via SQLi)

Removable media: Removable storage media or devices

Web drive-by: Web via auto-executed or “drive-by” infection

Web download: Web via user-executed or downloaded content

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Abuse of functionality: Abuse of functionality

Brute force: Brute force or password guessing attacks

Buffer overflow: Buffer overflow

Cache poisoning: Cache poisoning

Session prediction: Credential or session prediction

CSRF: Cross-site request forgery

XSS: Cross-site scripting

Cryptanalysis: Cryptanalysis

DoS: Denial of service

Footprinting: Footprinting and fingerprinting

Forced browsing: Forced browsing or predictable resource location

Format string attack: Format string attack

Fuzz testing: Fuzz testing

HTTP request smuggling: HTTP request smuggling

HTTP request splitting: HTTP request splitting

Integer overflows: Integer overflows

LDAP injection: LDAP injection

Mail command injection: Mail command injection

MitM: Man-in-the-middle attack

Null byte injection: Null byte injection

Offline cracking: Offline password or key cracking (e.g., rainbow tables, Hashcat, JtR)

OS commanding: OS commanding

Path traversal : Path traversal

RFI: Remote file inclusion

Reverse engineering: Reverse engineering

Routing detour: Routing detour

Session fixation: Session fixation

Session replay: Session replay

Soap array abuse: Soap array abuse

Special element injection: Special element injection


SSI injection: SSI injection

URL redirector abuse: URL redirector abuse

Use of backdoor or C2:

Use of stolen creds:

XML attribute blowup: XML attribute blowup

XML entity expansion: XML entity expansion

XML external entities: XML external entities

XML injection: XML injection

XPath injection: XPath injection

XQuery injection: XQuery injection

Virtual machine escape: Virtual machine escape

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


3rd party desktop: 3rd party online desktop sharing (LogMeIn, Go2Assist)

Backdoor or C2: Backdoor or command and control channel

Desktop sharing: Graphical desktop sharing (RDP, VNC, PCAnywhere, Citrix)

Physical access: Physical access or connection (i.e., at keyboard or via cable)

Command shell: Remote shell

Partner: Partner connection or credential


Web application: Web application

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other

Baiting: Baiting (planting infected media)

Bribery: Bribery or solicitation

Elicitation: Elicitation (subtle extraction of info through conversation)

Extortion: Extortion or blackmail

Forgery: Forgery or counterfeiting (fake hardware, software, documents, etc)

Influence: Influence tactics (Leveraging authority or obligation, framing, etc)

Scam: Online scam or hoax (e.g., scareware, 419 scam, auction fraud)

Phishing: Phishing (or any type of *ishing)

Pretexting: Pretexting (dialogue leveraging invented scenario)

Propaganda: Propaganda or disinformation

Spam: Spam (unsolicited or undesired email and advertisements)

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other

Documents: Documents

Email: Email

In-person: In-person

IM: Instant messaging

Phone: Phone

Removable media: Removable storage media

SMS: SMS or texting

Social media: Social media or networking

Software: Software

Website: Website

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other

Auditor: Auditor

Call center: Call center staff

Cashier: Cashier, teller, or waiter

Customer: Customer (B2C)

End-user: End-user or regular employee

Executive: Executive or upper management

Finance: Finance or accounting staff

Former employee: Former employee

Helpdesk: Helpdesk staff

Human resources: Human resources staff

Maintenance: Maintenance or janitorial staff

Manager: Manager or supervisor

Partner: Partner (B2B)

Guard: Security guard

Developer: Software developer

System admin: System or network administrator

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Knowledge abuse: Abuse of private or entrusted knowledge

Privilege abuse: Abuse of system access privileges

Embezzlement: Embezzlement, skimming, and related fraud

Data mishandling: Handling of data in an unapproved manner

Email misuse: Inappropriate use of email or IM

Net misuse: Inappropriate use of network or Web access

Illicit content: Storage or distribution of illicit content

Unapproved workaround: Unapproved workaround or shortcut

Unapproved hardware: Use of unapproved hardware or devices

Unapproved software: Use of unapproved software or services

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Physical access: Physical access within corporate facility

LAN access: Local network access within corporate facility

Remote access: Remote access connection to corporate network (i.e. VPN)

Non-corporate: Non-corporate facilities or networks

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Assault: Assault (threats or acts of physical violence)

Sabotage: Sabotage (deliberate damaging or disabling)

Snooping: Snooping (sneak about to gain info or access)

Surveillance: Surveillance (monitoring and observation)

Tampering: Tampering (alter physical form or function)

Theft: Theft (taking assets without permission)

Wiretapping: Wiretapping (Physical tap to comms line)

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Partner facility: Partner facility or area

Partner vehicle: Partner vehicle (e.g., delivery truck)

Personal residence: Personal residence

Personal vehicle: Personal vehicle

Public facility: Public facility or area

Public vehicle: Public vehicle (e.g., plane, taxi)

Victim secure area: Victim high security area (e.g., server room, R&D labs)

Victim work area: Victim private or work area (e.g., office space)

Victim public area: Victim public or customer area (e.g., lobby, storefront)

Victim grounds: Victim outdoor grounds

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Privileged access: Held privileged access to location

Visitor privileges: Given temporary visitor access

Bypassed controls: Bypassed physical barriers or controls

Disabled controls: Disabled physical barriers or controls

Uncontrolled location: The location was uncontrolled (public)

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Classification error: Classification or labeling error

Data entry error: Data entry error

Disposal error: Disposal error

Gaffe: Gaffe (social or verbal slip)

Loss: Loss or misplacement

Maintenance error: Maintenance error

Misconfiguration: Misconfiguration

Misdelivery: Misdelivery (direct or deliver to wrong recipient)

Misinformation: Misinformation (unintentionally giving false info)

Omission: Omission (something intended, but not done)

Physical accidents: Physical accidents (e.g., drops, bumps, spills)

Capacity shortage: Poor capacity planning

Programming error: Programming error (flaws or bugs in custom code)

Publishing error: Publishing error (private info to public doc or site)

Malfunction: Technical malfunction or glitch

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Random error: Random error (no reason, no fault)

Carelessness: Carelessness

Inadequate personnel: Inadequate or insufficient personnel

Inadequate processes: Inadequate or insufficient processes

Inadequate technology: Inadequate or insufficient technology resources

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Deterioration: Deterioration and degradation

Earthquake: Earthquake

EMI: Electromagnetic interference (EMI)

ESD: Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Temperature: Extreme temperature

Fire: Fire

Flood: Flood

Hazmat: Hazardous material

Humidity: Humidity

Hurricane: Hurricane

Ice: Ice and snow

Landslide: Landslide

Lightning: Lightning

Meteorite: Meteorite

Particulates: Particulate matter (e.g., dust, smoke)

Pathogen: Pathogen

Power failure: Power failure or fluctuation

Tornado: Tornado

Tsunami: Tsunami

Vermin: Vermin

Volcano: Volcanic eruption

Leak: Water leak

Wind: Wind

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other

Asset Enumerations


S - Authentication: Server - Authentication

S - Backup: Server - Backup

S - Database: Server - Database

S - DHCP: Server - DHCP

S - Directory: Server - Directory (LDAP, AD)

S - DCS: Server - Distributed control system (DCS)

S - DNS: Server - DNS

S - File: Server - File

S - Log: Server - Log or event management

S - Mail: Server - Mail

S - Mainframe : Server - Mainframe

S - Payment switch: Server - Payment switch or gateway

S - POS controller: Server - POS controller

S - Print: Server - Print

S - Proxy: Server - Proxy

S - Remote access: Server - Remote access

S - SCADA: Server - SCADA system

S - Web application: Server - Web application

S - Code repository: Server - Code repository

S - VM host: Server - Virtual Host

S - Other: Server - Other/Unknown

N - Access reader: Network - Access control reader (e.g., badge, biometric)

N - Camera: Network - Camera or surveillance system

N - Firewall: Network - Firewall

N - HSM: Network - Hardware security module (HSM)

N - IDS: Network - IDS or IPs

N - Broadband: Network - Mobile broadband network

N - PBX: Network - Private branch exchange (PBX)

N - Private WAN: Network - Private WAN

N - PLC: Network - Programmable logic controller (PLC)

N - Public WAN: Network - Public WAN

N - RTU: Network - Remote terminal unit (RTU)

N - Router or switch: Network - Router or switch

N - SAN: Network - Storage area network (SAN)

N - Telephone: Network - Telephone

N - VoIP adapter: Network - VoIP adapter

N - LAN: Network - Wired LAN

N - WLAN: Network - Wireless LAN

N - Other: Network - Other/Unknown

U - Auth token: User Device - Authentication token or device

U - Desktop: User Device - Desktop or workstation

U - Laptop: User Device - Laptop

U - Media: User Device - Media player or recorder

U - Mobile phone: User Device - Mobile phone or smartphone

U - Peripheral: User Device - Peripheral (e.g., printer, copier, fax)

U - POS terminal: User Device - POS terminal

U - Tablet: User Device - Tablet

U - Telephone: User Device - Telephone

U - VoIP phone: User Device - VoIP phone

U - Other: User Device - Other/Unknown

T - ATM: Public Terminal - Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

T - PED pad: Public Terminal - Detached PIN pad or card reader

T - Gas terminal: Public Terminal - Gas “pay-at-the-pump” terminal

T - Kiosk: Public Terminal - Self-service kiosk

T - Other: Public Terminal - Other/Unknown

M - Tapes: Media - Backup tapes

M - Disk media: Media - Disk media (e.g., CDs, DVDs)

M - Documents: Media - Documents

M - Flash drive: Media - Flash drive or card

M - Disk drive: Media - Hard disk drive

M - Smart card: Media - Identity smart card

M - Payment card: Media - Payment card (e.g., magstripe, EMV)

M - Other: Media - Other/Unknown

P - System admin: People - Administrator

P - Auditor: People - Auditor

P - Call center: People - Call center

P - Cashier: People - Cashier

P - Customer: People - Customer

P - Developer: People - Developer

P - End-user: People - End-user

P - Executive: People - Executive

P - Finance: People - Finance

P - Former employee: People - Former employee

P - Guard: People - Guard

P - Helpdesk: People - Helpdesk

P - Human resources: People - Human resources

P - Maintenance: People - Maintenance

P - Manager: People - Manager

P - Partner: People - Manager

P - Other: People - Other/Unknown

Unknown: Unknown


External: Publicly accessible

Internal: Internally accessible

Isolated: Internally isolated or restricted environment

Unknown: Unknown

NA: Not applicable


Victim: Victim owned

Employee: Employee owned

Partner: Partner owned

Customer: Customer owned

Unknown: Unknown

NA: Not applicable

Internal: Internally managed

External: Externally managed

Unknown: Unknown

NA: Not applicable

Internal: Internally hosted

External shared: Externally hosted in a shared envirnoment

External dedicated: Externally hosted in a dedicated envirnoment

External: Externally hosted (unsure if dedicated or shared)

Unknown: Unknown

NA: Not applicable

Hypervisor: Hypervisor break-out attack

Partner application: Application vulnerability in partner-developed application

Hosting governance: Lack of security process or procedure by hosting provider

Customer attack: Penetration of another web site on shared device

Hosting error: Misconfiguration or error by hosting provider

User breakout: Elevation of privilege by another customer in shared environment

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other

Attribute Enumerations


Yes: Yes (confirmed)

Potentially: Potentially (at risk)

No: No

Unknown: Unknown

Credentials: Authentication credentials (e.g., pwds, OTPs, biometrics)

Bank: Bank account data

Classified: Classified information

Copyrighted: Copyrighted material

Medical: Medical records

Payment: Payment card data (e.g., PAN, PIN, CVV2, Expiration)

Personal: Personal or identifying information (e.g., addr, ID#, credit score)

Internal: Sensitive internal data (e.g., plans, reports, emails)

System: System information (e.g., config info, open services)

Secrets: Trade secrets

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Stored: Stored

Stored encrypted: Stored encrypted

Stored unencrypted: Stored unencrypted

Transmitted: Transmitted

Transmitted encrypted: Transmitted encrypted

Transmitted unencrypted: Transmitted unencrypted

Processed: Processed

Unknown: Unknown


Created account: Created new user account

Hardware tampering: Hardware tampering or physical alteration

Alter behavior: Influence or alter human behavior

Fraudulent transaction: Initiate fraudulent transaction

Log tampering: Log tampering or modification

Misappropriation: Misappropriation

Misrepresentation: Misrepresentation

Modify configuration: Modified configuration or services

Modify privileges: Modified privileges or permissions

Modify data: Modified stored data or content

Software installation: Software installation or code modification

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other


Destruction: Destruction

Loss: Loss

Interruption: Interruption

Degradation: Performance Degradation

Acceleration: Acceleration

Obscuration: Conversion or obscuration

Unknown: Unknown

Other: Other

Timeline Enumerations



Seconds: Seconds

Minutes: Minutes

Hours: Hours

Days: Days

Weeks: Weeks

Months: Months

Years: Years

Never: Never

Unknown: Unknown

Impact Enumerations


Insignificant: Insignificant: Impact absorbed by normal activities

Distracting: Distracting: Limited “hard costs”, but impact felt through having to deal with the incident rather than conducting normal duties

Painful: Painful: Limited “hard costs”, but impact felt through having to deal with the incident rather than conducting normal duties

Damaging: Damaging: Real and serious effect on the “bottom line” and/or long-term ability to generate revenue

Catastrophic: Catastrophic: A business-ending event (don't choose this if the victim will continue operations)

Unknown: Unknown


Asset and fraud: Asset and fraud-related losses

Brand damage: Brand and market damage

Business disruption : Business disruption

Operating costs: Increased operating costs

Legal and regulatory: Legal and regulatory costs

Competitive advantage: Loss of competitive advantage

Response and recovery: Response and recovery costs


Major: Major

Moderate: Moderate

Minor: Minor

None: None

Unknown: Unknown

Repeated Enumerations


AD : Andorra

AE : United Arab Emirates

AF : Afghanistan

AG : Antigua and Barbuda

AI : Anguilla

AL : Albania

AM : Armenia

AO : Angola

AQ : Antarctica

AR : Argentina

AS : American Samoa

AT : Austria

AU : Australia

AW : Aruba

AX : Aland Islands

AZ : Azerbaijan

BA : Bosnia and Herzegovina

BB : Barbados

BD : Bangladesh

BE : Belgium

BF : Burkina Faso

BG : Bulgaria

BH : Bahrain

BI : Burundi

BJ : Benin

BL : Saint-Barthelemy

BM : Bermuda

BN : Brunei Darussalam

BO : Bolivia

BQ : Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba

BR : Brazil

BS : Bahamas

BT : Bhutan

BV : Bouvet Island

BW : Botswana

BY : Belarus

BZ : Belize

CA : Canada

CC : Cocos (Keeling) Islands

CD : Congo, Democratic Republic of the

CF : Central African Republic

CG : Congo

CH : Switzerland

CI : Cote d'Ivoire

CK : Cook Islands

CL : Chile

CM : Cameroon

CN : China

CO : Colombia

CR : Costa Rica

CU : Cuba

CV : Cape Verde

CW : Curacao

CX : Christmas Island

CY : Cyprus

CZ : Czech Republic

DE : Germany

DJ : Djibouti

DK : Denmark

DM : Dominica

DO : Dominican Republic

DZ : Algeria

EC : Ecuador

EE : Estonia

EG : Egypt

EH : Western Sahara

ER : Eritrea

ES : Spain

ET : Ethiopia

FI : Finland

FJ : Fiji

FK : Faeroe Islands

FM : Micronesia (Federated States of)

FO : Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

FR : France

GA : Gabon

GB : United Kingdom

GD : Grenada

GE : Georgia

GF : French Guiana

GG : Guernsey

GH : Ghana

GI : Gibraltar

GL : Greenland

GM : Gambia

GN : Guinea

GP : Guadeloupe

GQ : Equatorial Guinea

GR : Greece

GS : South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

GT : Guatemala

GU : Guam

GW : Guinea-Bissau

GY : Guyana

HK : Hong Kong

HM : Heard Island and McDonal Islands

HN : Honduras

HR : Croatia

HT : Haiti

HU : Hungary

ID : Indonesia

IE : Ireland

IL : Israel

IM : Isle of Man

IN : India

IO : British Virgin Islands

IQ : Iraq

IR : Iran (Islamic Republic of)

IS : Iceland

IT : Italy

JE : Jersey

JM : Jamaica

JO : Jordan

JP : Japan

KE : Kenya

KG : Kyrgyzstan

KH : Cambodia

KI : Kiribati

KM : Comoros

KN : Saint Kitts and Nevis

KP : Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

KR : Korea, Republic of

KW : Kuwait

KY : Cayman Islands

KZ : Kazakhstan

LA : Lao People's Democratic Republic

LB : Lebanon

LC : Saint Lucia

LI : Liechtenstein

LK : Sri Lanka

LR : Liberia

LS : Lesotho

LT : Lithuania

LU : Luxembourg

LV : Latvia

LY : Libya

MA : Morocco

MC : Monaco

MD : Moldova, Republic of

ME : Montenegro

MF : Saint Martin (French part)

MG : Madagascar

MH : Marshall Islands

MK : Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of

ML : Mali

MM : Myanmar

MN : Mongolia

MO : Macao

MP : Northern Mariana Islands

MQ : Martinique

MR : Mauritania

MS : Montserrat

MT : Malta

MU : Mauritius

MV : Maldives

MW : Malawi

MX : Mexico

MY : Malaysia

MZ : Mozambique

NA : Namibia

NC : New Caledonia

NE : Niger

NF : Norfolk Island

NG : Nigeria

NI : Nicaragua

NL : Netherlands

NO : Norway

NP : Nepal

NR : Nauru

NU : Niue

NZ : New Zealand

OM : Oman

Other : Other

PA : Panama

PE : Peru

PF : French Polynesia

PG : Papua New Guinea

PH : Philippines

PK : Pakistan

PL : Poland

PM : Saint Pierre and Miquelon

PN : Pitcairn

PR : Puerto Rico

PS : Palestinian Territory, Occupied

PT : Portugal

PW : Palau

PY : Paraguay

QA : Qatar

RE : Reunion

RO : Romania

RS : Serbia

RU : Russian Federation

RW : Rwanda

SA : Saudi Arabia

SB : Solomon Islands

SC : Seychelles

SD : Sudan

SE : Sweden

SG : Singapore

SH : Saint Helena

SI : Slovenia

SJ : Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands

SK : Slovakia

SL : Sierra Leone

SM : San Marino

SN : Senegal

SO : Somalia

SR : Suriname

SS : South Sudan

ST : Sao Tome and Principe

SV : El Salvador

SX : Sint Maarten (Dutch part)

SY : Syrian Arab Republic

SZ : Swaziland

TC : Turks and Caicos Islands

TD : Chad

TF : French Southern Territories

TG : Togo

TH : Thailand

TJ : Tajikistan

TK : Tokelau

TL : Timor-Leste

TM : Turkmenistan

TN : Tunisia

TO : Tonga

TR : Turkey

TT : Trinidad and Tobago

TV : Tuvalu

TW : Taiwan, Province of China

TZ : Tanzania, United Republic of

UA : Ukraine

UG : Uganda

UM : United States Minor Outlying Islands

US : United States of America

UY : Uruguay

UZ : Uzbekistan

Unknown : Unknown

VA : Holy See

VC : Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

VE : Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

VG : British Virgin Islands

VI : United States Virgin Islands

VN : Viet Nam

VU : Vanuatu

WF : Wallis and Futuna Islands

WS : Samoa

YE : Yemen

YT : Mayotte

ZA : South Africa

ZM : vZambia

ZW : Zimbabwe


AED : AED - UAE Dirham

AFN : AFN - Afghani

ALL : ALL - Lek

AMD : AMD - Armenian Dram

ANG : ANG - Netherlands Antillean Guilder

AOA : AOA - Kwanza

ARS : ARS - Argentine Peso

AUD : AUD - Australian Dollar

AWG : AWG - Aruban Florin

AZN : AZN - Azerbaijanian Manat

BAM : BAM - Convertible Mark

BBD : BBD - Barbados Dollar

BDT : BDT - Taka

BGN : BGN - Bulgarian Lev

BHD : BHD - Bahraini Dinar

BIF : BIF - Burundi Franc

BMD : BMD - Bermudian Dollar

BND : BND - Brunei Dollar

BOB : BOB - Boliviano

BRL : BRL - Brazilian Real

BSD : BSD - Bahamian Dollar

BTN : BTN - Ngultrum

BWP : BWP - Pula

BYR : BYR - Belarussian Ruble

BZD : BZD - Belize Dollar

CAD : CAD - Canadian Dollar

CDF : CDF - Congolese Franc

CHF : CHF - Swiss Franc

CLP : CLP - Chilean Peso

CNY : CNY - Yuan Renminbi

COP : COP - Colombian Peso

CRC : CRC - Costa Rican Colon

CUC : CUC - Peso Convertible

CUP : CUP - Cuban Peso

CVE : CVE - Cape Verde Escudo

CZK : CZK - Czech Koruna

DJF : DJF - Djibouti Franc

DKK : DKK - Danish Krone

DOP : DOP - Dominican Peso

DZD : DZD - Algerian Dinar

EGP : EGP - Egyptian Pound

ERN : ERN - Nakfa

ETB : ETB - Ethiopian Birr

EUR : EUR - Euro

FJD : FJD - Fiji Dollar

FKP : FKP - Falkland Islands Pound

GBP : GBP - Pound Sterling

GEL : GEL - Lari

GGP : GGP - Guernsey pound

GHS : GHS - Ghana Cedi

GIP : GIP - Gibraltar Pound

GMD : GMD - Dalasi

GNF : GNF - Guinea Franc

GTQ : GTQ - Quetzal

GYD : GYD - Guyana Dollar

HKD : HKD - Hong Kong Dollar

HNL : HNL - Lempira

HRK : HRK - Croatian Kuna

HTG : HTG - Gourde

HUF : HUF - Forint

IDR : IDR - Rupiah

ILS : ILS - New Israeli Sheqel

IMP : IMP - Isle of Man Pound

INR : INR - Indian Rupee

IQD : IQD - Iraqi Dinar

IRR : IRR - Iranian Rial

ISK : ISK - Iceland Krona

JEP : JEP - Jersey pound

JMD : JMD - Jamaican Dollar

JOD : JOD - Jordanian Dinar

JPY : JPY - Yen

KES : KES - Kenyan Shilling

KGS : KGS - Som

KHR : KHR - Riel

KMF : KMF - Comoro Franc

KPW : KPW - North Korean Won

KRW : KRW - South Korean Won

KWD : KWD - Kuwaiti Dinar

KYD : KYD - Cayman Islands Dollar

KZT : KZT - Tenge

LAK : LAK - Kip

LBP : LBP - Lebanese Pound

LKR : LKR - Sri Lanka Rupee

LRD : LRD - Liberian Dollar

LSL : LSL - Loti

LTL : LTL - Lithuanian Litas

LVL : LVL - Latvian Lats

LYD : LYD - Libyan Dinar

MAD : MAD - Moroccan Dirham

MDL : MDL - Moldovan Leu

MGA : MGA - Malagasy Ariary

MKD : MKD - Denar

MMK : MMK - Kyat

MNT : MNT - Tugrik

MOP : MOP - Pataca

MRO : MRO - Ouguiya

MUR : MUR - Mauritius Rupee

MVR : MVR - Rufiyaa

MWK : MWK - Kwacha

MXN : MXN - Mexican Peso

MYR : MYR - Malaysian Ringgit

MZN : MZN - Mozambique Metical

NAD : NAD - Namibia Dollar

NGN : NGN - Naira

NIO : NIO - Cordoba Oro

NOK : NOK - Norwegian Krone

NPR : NPR - Nepalese Rupee

NZD : NZD - New Zealand Dollar

OMR : OMR - Rial Omani

PAB : PAB - Balboa

PEN : PEN - Nuevo Sol

PGK : PGK - Kina

PHP : PHP - Philippine Peso

PKR : PKR - Pakistan Rupee

PLN : PLN - Zloty

PYG : PYG - Guarani

QAR : QAR - Qatari Rial

RON : RON - New Romanian Leu

RSD : RSD - Serbian Dinar

RUB : RUB - Russian Ruble

RWF : RWF - Rwanda Franc

SAR : SAR - Saudi Riyal

SBD : SBD - Solomon Islands Dollar

SCR : SCR - Seychelles Rupee

SDG : SDG - Sudanese Pound

SEK : SEK - Swedish Krona

SGD : SGD - Singapore Dollar

SHP : SHP - Saint Helena Pound

SLL : SLL - Leone

SOS : SOS - Somali Shilling

SPL : SPL - Seborga Luigino

SRD : SRD - Surinam Dollar

STD : STD - Dobra

SVC : SVC - El Salvador Colon

SYP : SYP - Syrian Pound

SZL : SZL - Lilangeni

THB : THB - Baht

TJS : TJS - Somoni

TMT : TMT - Turkmenistan New Manat

TND : TND - Tunisian Dinar

TOP : TOP - Pa'anga

TRY : TRY - Turkish Lira

TTD : TTD - Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

TVD : TVD - Tuvalu Dollar

TWD : TWD - New Taiwan Dollar

TZS : TZS - Tanzanian Shilling

UAH : UAH - Hryvnia

UGX : UGX - Uganda Shilling

USD : USD - US Dollar

UYU : UYU - Peso Uruguayo

UZS : UZS - Uzbekistan Sum

VEF : VEF - Bolivar

VND : VND - Dong

VUV : VUV - Vatu

WST : WST - Tala


XCD : XCD - East Caribbean Dollar

XDR : XDR - SDR (Special Drawing Right)


XPF : XPF - CFP Franc

YER : YER - Yemeni Rial

ZAR : ZAR - South African Rand

ZMK : ZMK - Zambian Kwacha

ZWD : ZWD - Zimbabwean Dollar A/06